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The FlightSimProjects Team

About Us

A bit of history...

FlightSimProjects was born in 2013 with an idea coming up from Francesco Talotta and Daniele Talotta, both engineers and flight sim enthusiasts. The original plan was to build an accurate and realistic 1:1 replica of the Airbus A320 cockpit. In 2018, thanks to technical skills and the experience gained during the past years, the quality of the developed hardware reached a very professional level. This fact persuaded the two engineers to take the next step and become professional builders in the field of flight simulator home cockpits.

Our aim...

The various pieces of hardware produced by FlightSimProjects are sophisticated and professional copies of the original avionics used in the real cockpits. To reach such very high quality standards, every piece of hardware is carefully designed and manufactured thorough the help of computer guided milling/lathe machines and 3D printers. Furthermore, our work is always supported by meticulous examination of the original aircraft manuals, such as the Maintenance, Schematics and Flight Crew Operation manuals, together with live visiting of professional flight simulator cockpits. For the FlightSimProjects team, the main goal is to give customers the chance of getting the feeling and the look of the real cockpit at an affordable price.